Dining Districts & Pop-up Patios in #Guelph!

I’ve been indicating this last week that I’d be proposing a motion/amendment for Council consideration at our COVID-19 meeting tomorrow (June 17th) afternoon at 2pm. So here’s all the info I was sent so everyone can see it beforehand. Thanks! Mayor Cam

And here are some further Q&A’s sent from staff I thought I’d post as well:

4 Comments on “Dining Districts & Pop-up Patios in #Guelph!

  1. Try one street for starters such as Wyndham from St George’s square south to Carden for no traffic and not the side streets as was talked about. Slow or baby steps is my thought with this virus and social distancing.


  2. This is great initiative and needed for restaurants and small businesses to survive post COVID. Not to mention a great idea to draw people to beautiful downtown Guelph. Low risk only upside….let’s make this happen!!


  3. I have a question. Would a mask be placing individuals at risk while performing a High Interval Intermittent Training like 9Round kickbox considering there elevated heart rates and restricted breathing due to the mask?


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