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Metrolinx Info for #Guelph

Good morning Guelph,

I have found it best to look at the work being done or considered by Metrolinx by identifying two key issues.

  1. Downtown Rail Line Upgrades
  2. Margaret Greene Park Power Station

In regards to the Downtown Rail Line Upgrades, I’d like to address the Dublin Street closure first. Contrary to some continued misinformation circulating within the public for some time now, I’d like to state the following:

This particular portion had to be closed to meet the Transport Canada Federal Rail Safety ACT and Standards. Period. This was NOT a city of Guelph initiative. The city was told by Metrolinx that it had to close. There was detailed information about this through a report posted publicly and I’d ask people to read it to understand more fully the issues at play here:

Lastly, regarding the other rail crossings downtown, rest assured I can confirm that there are already plans from city staff in reviewing these areas and it will include public engagement. Staff have indicated the following:

1. City Transportation Planning team will be initiating a transportation study of the neighbourhoods on the east and west sides of Edinburgh later this year.

2. The general purpose of the study is to (among other things):

3. There will be an engagement component to this work, and potential to bring the report to Council for endorsement if that is desirable. (This report IS coming to Council because as Mayor I’ve requested it to).

The Terms of Reference for the study have not yet been started, so more details will emerge once the work begins.

Now let’s move on to the second issue identified which is the proposed Power Station on Margaret Greene Park:

Let me be very clear on the position of the City and myself:

Improved rail service and the associated environmental benefits from electrification are an important part of our Strategic and Community Plans, the City does not want the TPS infrastructure in a City park. Parkland is important to our community, and in fact the City wants more parkland, not less. As such, we’ll be encouraging Metrolinx to reconsider their selection.

The city has a dedicated website link for the community to gather info on Metrolinx work and will be updated as new information is known. Please bookmark this link here and come back to it often:

Some more Q & A to consider:

This is a Metrolinx project/process:

What is the City’s role in the TPAP EA and site selection process?

How is the City advocating for the community?

What are the next steps?

What’s being planned related to potential grade crossing closures?

What other Metrolinx initiatives are there in Guelph?

Thank you for your continued engagement and remember, this is a Metrolinx process and your feedback through their process is key. Please fill out your concerns to them here:

Take care,

Mayor Cam

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