Supportive Housing Updates & Info in #Guelph: Time for #YIMBY Not #NIMBY!

Good day Guelph!

To start off, please click on this link below to see a layout of the work being done to date locally on making supportive housing a reality in Guelph. Here’s the link:

Info Sheet-Permanent Supportive Housing (June 2020)

Next up, is a couple of links to articles in the last 24 hours on two projects that are starting to come together. The first is about a local motel being turned into supportive housing and the second article is about a developer looking to add a fifth floor to a building under construction, and those units would be supportive/affordable too!

Link #1

Link #2

And finally, this is about 35 minute video interview I was did with Dominica McPherson who has been the Co-Chair of the Mayors task force on supportive housing, and I think it really answers a lot of questions about what supportive housing is, what it isn’t, what’s happening locally and how people can be engaged!


Take care, share and be well!

Mayor Cam

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