COVID-19 UPDATE: Assessment Centre in #Guelph

Hi folks! Today I travelled to the new COVID assessment centre on Southgate to thank our frontline workers and to see how things were running.

It’s important to note that the city doesn’t operate this place as it’s healthcare and done through the Province, but I wanted to see the new place first hand.

Our frontline workers are great! Always remember to be kind to them and to each other. Heck, get to know the people behind you in line and see how they’re doing! Let’s be looking out for each other! That’s what makes Guelph so great! (Six feet apart of course.)

I’ve been getting some calls And emails that have to do with the schools, children/students coming to the assessment centre and lineups, along with the amount of time it takes for results to come back. Again, a reminder that the city doesn’t oversee anything to do with education either. That’s the school boards or your local school trustees that you’ll need to contact for those questions.

As I said above though, it doesn’t matter if things aren’t under my control or that they aren’t things I directly oversee. It’s good for me to hear about what’s happening in our city and it allows me to reach out And advocate on these issues for you.

Take care everyone! Contact Public Health for more info:

Mayor Cam

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