Info on Specific Development Proposals in South End #Guelph & Impacts to Wildlife and/or Environment

Note: A flyer by a local resident has apparently recently been handed out to many homes in the South end and so this info below is provided to address that flyer and other concerns. In no way is this reflective of my own position on all or any development applications that may come forward but I thought it good for you to have this information so you can consider it in context of the growth happening in that area and how City policies are already in place to consider these applications and impacts to the area.

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Mayor Cam

Development proposals are reviewed to ensure the proposed development and/or change in land use is consistent with the applicable provisions of the Provincial Policy Statement, conforms to the Official Plan, conforms to any Provincial Plans that are in effect, and provides an integrated approach to land use planning.

(In regards to flyer being handed out in the south end recently)… The City’s Official Plan identifies the Natural Heritage System and provides policies which protect natural features and areas for the long term. Development is not permitted within the Natural Heritage System, including minimum or established buffers. The two specific development applications referenced (1242-1260 Gordon Street and 220 Arkell Road) are not proposing development within the Natural Heritage System.

Development is being proposed adjacent to the Natural Heritage System and an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) has been submitted for both development applications. A Terms of Reference for the EIS was reviewed and approved by City staff and the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA). The purpose of the Environmental Impact Study is to assess potential impacts of the proposed activities, and recommend appropriate setbacks (i.e., established buffers) from the natural heritage feature or areas within the adjacent lands, to ensure no negative impacts. Minimum buffers are identified to prevent damage and degradation to the natural heritage features and areas that are part of the Natural Heritage System. These documents are currently under review and no decisions have been made on either application.

All supporting documents submitted with development applications are available online here:

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