#Guelph Rail Crossings Feedback Needed!

Hi everyone! The feedback we’re collecting will help us forward our findings (and your voice) to Metrolinx which is doing upgrades all along this rail line to prepare for all-day-two-way GO service coming to Guelph. Please fill out your comments on the “Have Your Say” link at the City of Guelph website which is located within the media release here: https://guelph.ca/2021/10/study-of-road-level-railway-crossings-in-guelph-is-now-underway/

Thanks so much!

Mayor Cam

3 responses to “#Guelph Rail Crossings Feedback Needed!”

  1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
    Cam Guthrie

    Thanks for feedback, but to bring clarity to one part of your statement, the city had no choice on Dublin. That was all done by Metrolinx and was done due to the Federal Rail Safety Act obligations at that crossing. There was no one on council that wanted to close that.

  2. Margaret Pennyfather Avatar
    Margaret Pennyfather

    Cam, please make them use sound absorbing walls. In fact if they could go one step further and create a tubular look it would reflect the noise back down creating a quieter experience. The rail corridor goes through a number of nice neighborhoods and it would contribute to our quality of life.

  3. Mark Andrachuk Avatar
    Mark Andrachuk

    Hi Mayor Cam. This is great that you are helping spread the word about this survey. You really should be aware, though, that this is a very poorly designed survey. If the City wants meaningful public comments, this is not the way to do it. There is only one opportunity for writing in comments – and it is at the beginning instead of the end of the survey. That was unexpected to me because it is not typical in survey design. Also, the survey is multiple choice and really limits the ability to demonstrate how an individual relies on these crossings and how frequently they do so. In my case, I cross Alma street a couple of times per day by car and also a few times per week on foot. That was not captured in how I was able to respond to the survey. The point to all this being, if the City expects to gather really meaningful ‘voice’ of Guelph residents, this is not the way to do it. Please consider pulling this survey, doing a much better re-design, and then re-launch!

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