Brand New #Guelph Transportation Master Plan Proposed! Check it out!

It’s here. The long awaited report (link below) on the city’s transportation master plan. It’s looking pretty great folks but there’s still time to give us feedback before the final vote by council coming up soon. Here are the highlights:

  • adopt a Vision Zero approach to road design and operations, a traffic safety initiative based on the philosophy that no loss of life is acceptable on city roads
  • commit to a transportation system that supports a net zero carbon future and improves connectivity for all ages and abilities across all modes of transportation including walking, biking, driving, transit and mobility devices
  • update the non-auto mode share target (per cent of daily trips made by everything other than cars and trucks) to 42 per cent by 2051
  • establish an Emerging Transportation Technology Office to monitor, pilot, study and recommend measures to accommodate evolving technologies including car and bike share programs, drones and autonomous vehicles
  • develop a transportation systems management strategy to address road congestion, access, transit priority and curbside management such as passenger or goods drop-off zones
  • create a new Pedestrian Master Plan to replace the 2017 Sidewalk Needs Assessment
  • develop a Goods Movement Strategy to update and support the local and regional economy

The full report is here:

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