Happy John Galt Day #Guelph!

An image of the downtown mural "As it's written" by Alex Kwong and Sergey Ryutin, featuring John Galt, the Basilica of Our Lady, and a fawn.

Otherwise known as “the August civic holiday,” which in Guelph has been called John Galt Day since 2007.

The above image is a downtown mural called “As it’s written,” which features an image of Galt. You can check it out in person on the Wilson Street side of City Hall.

Who is John Galt, you say? He was the first superintendent of the Canada Company, and he founded the City of Guelph on April 23, 1827. Guelph Museums has a great summary, which you can find here: The Canada Company, John Galt, and the founding of Guelph

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