Happy Birthday! It’s a party at Royal City Brewing Co. They’re celebrating their 1yr anniversary today so get on down there!  It was great to see smiles all around from Russ, Cameron & all the others that work there!   It was also so nice to see the camaraderie between them and the other local brew companies like Stone Hammer, Wellington Brewery and others.   Like so many of Guelph’s local breweries they all have this sense of community pride and they all give back to Guelph in so many ways. Today’s event was no different. They celebrate the business, but also donate to a charity. Well done.  And look at all the employees in the above photos. Local jobs being created because of the risk these people took to start something new. 

The “Royal City” of Guelph congratulates you on your hard work!




A little rain isn’t stopping this street fest happening downtown Guelph right now! A ton of amazing local food, music and fun! 

Come celebrate all this food, music, beer, craftsmanship, and artistry! 

As the Hope House event details stated “funds raised go directly into making this community a better place for us all!”

Sounds good to me!




A big thank you to Dr. John Pate and the staff of Westwood Dental Group! They are making a massive difference through their Dentistry from the Heart program. Not only for people’s oral health, but in their overall health and wellbeing. In 2014 they gave out over $100,000 in free dental work. WOW!

The Guelph and Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination recently released a report on barriers to accessing oral health care in our city. It’s HERE.

They conducted a survey of people with low income. Here are some of the findings:

Of those who said they have oral health needs:

• 58% said it affects eating

• 50% said it affects how they feel about themselves

• 22% said it causes or complicates other health problems

• 41% have pain

• 27% said it affects their talking and 26% said it affects social relationships

• 16% said it affects their ability to get a job

So if you can’t afford to visit the dentist, it doesn’t just cause poor oral health – it affects overall health, social relationships, self esteem, and even the ability to get a job.

A huge thanks to all the sponsors too!



Tonight was the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition AGM. When you walk in the room you’re hit smack in the face with community! Hit me baby one more time! (Sorry Britney Spears).


Brendan Johnson (plaid shirt above) is the Best executive director and has been for the past two years. I’d like to personally thank him for his passion and leadership for the GNSC. 

Here are just two of those volunteers below from the North Riverside Waverley Group!

There are just so many volunteers that make this happen. Please know your work does not go unnoticed.  Thank you! 

To give a good overview of what was discussed tonight, please take a look at these photos:  

In 2014 they…

Since 2012….

 I’m really looking forward to see what transpires over the next year!


What a wonderful evening hanging out with longtime Guelphites at the Wayne Pitman Ford & Lincoln dealership!

As you can see above, they launched the upcoming Lincoln MKX tonight. Available sometime this fall it’s a beautiful vehicle!

Wayne and his family were all there along with the wonderful staff to greet everyone. 

It was nice to see them partner with many other local businesses such as Foodies Anonymous and Jovet De LaTorre from Edible arrangements was there too.

The dealership, like many others on Woodlawn Road went through some renovations lately and it looks great! I know the Hyundai, Robinson GMC & Chevy dealerships have gone through great expansions recently too which is good for jobs and our local economy.

Thank you again Wayne and staff for inviting me! I wish you all success for many more years to come!