I had you at “cupcakes” didn’t I? Just left @DowntownGuelph from Balzacs and it’s hopping folks! A great location with a great vibe! The owner, pictured above with her daughter, was thrilled with the Guelph location and was so happy to be in the downtown core.

I’d encourage you to go check them out folks! Some live music too!   Pan Am team member Ben Hayward was on hand too! 

Let’s support our local businesses!


Today I brought greetings to those riding their motorcycles for our heroes! Those who have served our country so bravely for us all. 

Custom shirts were made for the event with remembrance to Const. Jennifer Kovach, our Guelph police officer who passed away a couple of years ago while on duty. Jen’s mother Gloria Kovach was on hand to wish everyone a safe ride and to thank the organizers for honouring her daughter.

I have such great pride in our city seeing us support our troops, and to see those in our community with our police, fire and EMS raise awareness for them. 


I just left the starting line for SOAR with 19 teams that have raised just over $80,000 for the Children’s Foundation! Giddy up! Well done folks!

It was great to see some people I know from the community and to meet some new people that travelled from outside of Guelph that have come to race! Welcome to Guelph – but I hope the Guelph teams kick your butt. (I have to say that so don’t be too mad please. 😉)

Have a blast and thanks again to the sponsors and organizers of this great event!



Our city is the best. Period.

The opening ceremonies of the Guelph Multicultural Festival just occurred at Riverside Park and it was beautiful!

So many cultures on display and so many people embracing each other no matter their backgrounds, countries of origin or faith. Now that is what community is all about!

Our city always strives to be welcoming to all people and we do a great job at it. This is the 29th year of the festival and I encourage the community to get out there this weekend and take it all in. 

Thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors, the committee and our city of Guelph staff who helped with this event.



Over $40,000 raised today thanks to the efforts by several high schools working in collaboration to do their own Relay For Life event. 

Held at BM High School there were hundreds of students and volunteers! It really was amazing to see these students come together to walk for people in their lives that have been affected by cancer. 

I’d like to thank Anna Nguyen (pictured at top above) and the whole committee for working months on this! (Sorry I’ve forgotten other names of those I met today that had a big part in getting this all together!)

Walk on folks! Walk on!