Over 300 people this year raising over $72,000! Thank you to everyone for their dedication to this annual event and for increasing participation and donations year over year!  When I was first elected, the first tour of a building I took in the city was the Hospice centre. I had never been in it before. Through the tour I saw all of the staff, administrators and the volunteers have a focus that was crystal clear- they were all others-focused.   The money raised today will help them continue that focus to provide for others. Those in beds, and the families that surround those beds have access to top notch care and comfort.  Thanks to all of these sponsors for making today’s event happen! 



Another beautiful day in #Guelph and out at Guelph Lake we have the Juvenile Diabetes Walk for a Cure!

The TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes is an outdoor celebration where families, friends and organizations can raise funds and awareness to make a difference in the lives of over 300,000 Canadians living with type 1 diabetes(T1D). Over 45,000 Canadians walk, share stories and connect at over 70 sites across Canada. The walk is 5 kilometres.
Thank you to the many local sponsors! 

So many teams walking for people they know, including family members! Even the dogs come along to support!



A few weeks ago I received a call from the retail store Merry Go Round who had moved their store from Silvercreek & Speedvale plaza to the Westwood Plaza on Willow Rd. They had wanted me to know that not only had they moved their store, but that they had noticed quite a few newer small businesses that had moved into the plaza. They felt it deserved some recognition from the community. They wanted to put a party together and apparently they knew I loved to support businesses and I loved a good party! A perfect match.

So today I came by to congratulate the businesses and the greater community for coming together! It was fantastic. I took many pictures to help promote and celebrate all these entrepreneurs and risk takers that are providing income for themselves and jobs for others! Check them out here:

 Ashok Patel – Pharmacist & Owner 

DOULA – Dawn Humphrey – http://www.douladawn.ca  
Carlos- far right, from Señor Chipolte and the Zumba Girls kept everyone dancing to great music! 
Owners of Zinger Chick! Family operated!   
Owner of  Caissie Karate was there doing a presentation of the skills his school can teach others. (He has a firm handshake!) 😉 
More great food and community fun at the plaza today! 
It was a lot of fun with great people! Stop by the plaza today to support them if you can!



Today in St.Georges square you’ll find the Nepalese Society of Guelph. Please folks, stop by their tents and listen to them pour out their hearts as they tell you what their people are going through with so much chaos and horror in their homeland after the earthquake. Drop off some donations to them. 

My son was with me today and he was telling me that their school just raised a couple thousand dollars to help with the earthquake relief.

Our city as a whole can and should do the same. I know we can! 

They have live music going all day as well! I bought a shirt to support them and will wear it often.




I had you at “cupcakes” didn’t I? Just left @DowntownGuelph from Balzacs and it’s hopping folks! A great location with a great vibe! The owner, pictured above with her daughter, was thrilled with the Guelph location and was so happy to be in the downtown core.

I’d encourage you to go check them out folks! Some live music too!   Pan Am team member Ben Hayward was on hand too! 

Let’s support our local businesses!