Back On The Ice!

cat excited on ice

Hallelujah! I’m thrilled to report the City has agreed to allow people to keep skating on the outdoor rink behind Summerfield Drive until the first major thaw!

Like anything in life, sometimes compromises need to be made. And in this case it’s no different.

I have talked to some of the neighbours and so far they are more than willing to agree to the few conditions laid out.


Next week, City staff will be reaching out to the neighbourhood to try to figure out future steps.

I think it’s a reasonable solution. It lets kids (and adults!) continue to have fun on this great rink, while balancing the very real safety, liability and other competing neighbourhood concerns at play in this issue.

Again, I’d like to thank staff for stepping up on this issue pronto for the community.

Thanks to all of you for your very vocal, very passionate, very heartfelt comments on the need to support outdoor rinks and healthy outdoor activity for our kids!

I have not skated in 25 years but I intend on trying this rink out soon!


Penalty box

Hi everyone! (Especially those in the Summerfield Drive and Grey Oak Drive Pine Ridge subdivision.)

As the picture states above, I, along with city staff, are feeling like we’re in the penalty box today.

Link to 570 News article: HERE

I’ve heard from some of you about the news that the City has asked neighbours to stop using an unauthorized outdoor rink constructed on City property in the south end.

I 100% get it. It’s an awesome outdoor rink. The kids love it. My own kids would love it. They’re out in the sunshine instead of in front of the X box.

City staff get it too. I just came from a meeting about it because this issue is very important to me. Staff has assured me that they are reaching out to the neighbours to explore possible solutions that work for everyone.

So why did it need to be shut down in the first place?

You can’t just build something like this on City property without asking, and expect the City to look the other way once it’s received a formal complaint. You can’t build a shed in a city park or construct a trampoline on the steps of the Sleeman Centre. Even if you had good intentions. Even if it’s awesome and people (including me) love it.

The City has to balance a lot of factors – public safety, liability and legal issues, environmental concerns, neighbourhood concerns. This natural area might not be the best place for a rink. Then again, it might be – but we need to do some work to find out.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing.




Good evening everyone!

Tonight the 2015 non-tax supported budget was passed by council. Our staff originally predicted future budgets at a 10% increase year over year. Instead they presented to this council a 4.3% increase and then with further tweaking landed it at 4.1%.

This budget comprises of:

Wastewater Services:

The $28.8 million operating and $192.1 million 10-year capital budget and forecast support continued optimization of Guelph’s wastewater systems.

Building Services:

The $3 million operating and $166,000 10-year capital budget and forecast include continued investments to improve the City’s online building permit application system, and enhance service to residential and commercial customers.

Court Services:

The $3.35 million operating and $682,400 10-year capital budget and forecast include plans to implement convenient e-ticket processes.

These departments are funded through fees and rates. Not through your property taxes. This 4.1% increase over 2014 is approximately $2.58 per month for average residential annual bill.

Here is a link to the city media release: CLICK HERE

All budget related info is HERE

Next dates you should be aware of are:

February 25 – Proposed Capital Budget presentation and public delegations

February 26 – Proposed Local Boards Operating and Capital Budget presentation

March 5 – Proposed Operating Budget presentation

March 11 – Public delegation night

March 25 – Council deliberates and approves Operating and Capital budgets

March 31 – additional meeting for budget approvals if necessary

Thank you and take care,


You can call me Cam.

Hello Guelph!

I’m really excited to have my blog up and running for you! If you haven’t followed me on Twitter yet please do so here.

Or on Facebook here.

This blog is about creating more transparency to you.

I’m working really hard for this city everyday. I’m working really hard for each of you everyday.

At my acceptance speech on election night I stated what I truly believe: “There’s enough room in this city for lots of ideas.” So please share them!

I also said something at my Inaugural Ceremony: “I will always welcome respectful dialogue and conversations that move our city forward.” So let’s be respectful.

So there you have it. My first blog post that asks you for only two things. Ideas and Respect. Knowing this community I don’t think I’ll have any problem with those requests. And by the way, you can call me Cam.

Take care!