You. Yes You. Thanks for nothing. Ruining the livelihoods of hardworking folks at our Farmers Market was a class act. Lots of damage and stress to the vendors along with our city staff – Well done. I hope you can feel the sarcasm, because I’m laying it on pretty thick.

Thank you,


Guelph Mercury article: HERE

Now onto the announcement:

Guelph Farmers’ Market will open Saturday despite break-in

Guelph, ON, March 3, 2015 – The Guelph Farmers’ Market suffered a break-in overnight on Saturday, February 28.  

City staff and market vendors responded quickly to the situation, assisting Guelph Police Service and cleaning up the area. “Thanks to Guelph Police, City staff and market vendors, we’ll be cleaned up and ready to open the Guelph Farmers’ Market on Saturday,” says Rodney Keller, general manager, Public Works. Theft and property damage was reported. The value of the damage is unknown at this time. Guelph Police Service continues to investigate the break-in. Police are asking anyone who may have information about this crime to contact them at 519-824-1212. Anonymous tips can also be left with Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.




March Break activities in Downtown Guelph  

Families can busy themselves all day in Downtown Guelph this March Break.  There’s skating at the Market Square rink, interactive exhibits and special events at the Civic Museum, $5 movie matinees at The Bookshelf, and creativity at Play with Clay.  After all that exertion,  take the kids and eat for free* at one of many participating cafes, bistros, pubs and restaurants.

*Each restaurant has its own conditions attached to the offer (see below) and these include mini-pizzas at Ox, a grab bag of candies at Sweet!, and cake pops at Wellington Cakes.

Also, publish a picture of your food on Twitter with the hashtag #DigIn, mention the name of the restaurant and @downtownguelph and we’ll enter you into a draw to receive a Downtown Guelph Gift Package !

Since 2006, Dig-In has aimed to attract dedicated downtowners and suburbanites to the downtown core to experience the taste of our world-class restaurants.  This promotion is no exception and gives families the opportunity to try new places with the comfort of knowing they are kid-friendly.

For Dig-In way finding, please visit 

Please feel free to use the attached image for promotional purposes. 


Monday March 16th, 2pm, Lego Movie Tuesday March 17th, 2pm, Penguins of Madagascar Wednesday March 18th, 2pm, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Thursday March 19th, 2pm, Dolphin Tale 2 Friday March 20th,2pm, How to Train Your Dragon 2


Albion Hotel, 49 Norfolk Street, 519 821 7125 1 kid eats free with every adult entree. 

Baker Street Station, 76 Baker Street, 519 265 7960

1 kid eats free with every adult entree. 

Bobby O’Brien’s, 90 Macdonell Street, 519 763 0043 1 kid eats free with every adult entree. 

Bollywood Bistro, 51 Cork Street East, 519 821 3999

1 kid eats free with every adult entree. 

Diana Downtown, 141 Wyndham Street N.,519 836 3460

1 free kids meal (from the kids menu) with each purchase of an adult meal.

Get Juiced, 113 Macdonell Street, 226 251 3006

Kids eat free cheese panini with the purchase of an adult meal. 

Ox, 37 Quebec Street, 519 821 9271 One free kid-sized pizza per adult main. 

Red Brick Café, 8 Douglas Street, 519 836 1126 Free cookie with a kid’s hot chocolate. 

Sweet!, 22 Carden Street, 519 824 5797 Free grab-bag of sweets with purchase of $3.99 or more. 

The Western Hotel, 72 Macdonell Street, 519 824 2560 1 kid eats free with every adult entree 

The Woolwich Arrow, 176a Woolwich Street, 519 836 2875

A free kids meal with every purchase over $20. 

Vienna Restaurant, 28 Macdonell Street, 519 265 3353

Kids Eat 2 Free Pancakes (Chocolate Chip or Blueberry) with purchase of a regular priced adult meal. 

Wellington Cakes, 9 Douglas St., 519 836 5088 1 free cupcake with any in-store purchase 

Wimpy’s Diner, 25 Wyndham Street N., 519 836 3765

1 kid eats free with the purchase of an adult meal (&8.99 or over) and purchase of a kids drink (Mon-Thurs).

John Tory, Mayor of Toronto, is quoted in response to those that think that raising taxes higher is the only way to go:

The notion that we should just resign ourselves now to the fact that the only way out of this is through big tax increases this year, next year and the year after that and the year after that, I don’t accept it,” Tory said. “I think that’s an admission of failure and I think it is an admission of defeat.”

Well said John. Well said.


Very Cold. Let’s Walk Anyways!

Today I was joined by Minister of education MPP Liz Sandals for the Polar Bear Walk to school event by Holy Trinity student Sean Hutton. This is his third year doing the walk to raise awareness of climate change and to support the World Wildlife Foundation (See the Panda Bear in photos).

From what I was told, there were over 200 that joined in the walk!

Congrats Sean and the Holy Trinity community! It was a cold one, but that was the point! See you next year!


It’s Budget Time Guelph.


There’s a lot of info regarding this budget season so I’ll post several links here for you:

Complete overview is HERE

To appear before council as a delegate click HERE

How does the City calculate property taxes info is HERE

Info on who assesses your property is HERE

Next Dates:

February 25 – Proposed Capital Budget presentation
February 26 – Proposed Local Boards and Shared Services
March 5 – Proposed Operating Budget presentation
March 11 – Public delegation night
March 25 – Council deliberates and approves Operating and Capital budgets
March 31 – additional meeting for budget approvals if necessary

All meetings will begin at 6 p.m. and be held in Council Chambers, City Hall, 1 Carden Street.

I only just received the staff proposed 2015 Operating budget information yesterday. I’ve looked through it once, but will need to go through it many more times. The recommended increase from staff is at 3.05% and this includes strategic investments and service investments.

Many have told me since taking office not to worry too much about this first budget. That it’s a “carry-over” budget from the previous term. There is actually some truth in that. The budget cycle started in June 2014, with the election things are pushed forward till March 2015 allowing the new council to get a lay of the land and prepare for the work staff have done. I have reached out to many other mayors over the last month inquiring with them if they too felt that their first budget was a “carry-over” budget? All have agreed that it is. New mayors or councils have not even approved their strategic priorities or shared agenda’s yet. They’re waiting until after their first budget. Just like Guelph is.

I can understand this thinking. Much of it has to do with process. Many, including me have found things out only after taking office that is new information to them that was not known during the election, or in my case even known as a city councillor. Some have adopted past decisions that are coming home to roost now.

Personally, even with the above challenges, I still am up to the challenge of bringing in a budget for this community that is aligned to the average rate of inflation in Ontario from 2014. That is at 2.4%. I hope my colleagues around the horseshoe can help get us there too.

As I said during a speech this week to the development community, “during the election it’s all about “me”. But after the election, when you are now working with 12 other elected people, it’s no longer about “me”, it’s about “we”. And if we are to make things affordable to our community, it is only “we” that can make it happen.

So wish us luck. I know that there are 13 people who care deeply about this community and we have excellent staff that have worked hard to bring us their best recommendation for the 2015 operating budget.

I want to be a mayor that hits the YES button on budgets. I hope this budget is one of them.