Lowes Store In Guelph?


I have been asked a great deal lately about the possibility of Lowes looking at setting up in Guelph.

During my inaugural address to the city on Dec 1st I stated:

I have also met with potential private sector investors who are considering building in Guelph, where they can create jobs, give more choice to residents and generate tax revenue for our city.”

Lowes was one of those companies I met with.

Now that the planning documents and applications have been made public, I can obviously tell the community that yes indeed, Lowes is now wanting to come to Guelph and locate beside Costco in Ward 4, the west end of the city.

Here are some links for you to look at the planning documents:



Thank you,





Mayor’s Awards

Each year, the Mayor of Guelph presents Mayor’s Awards to honour Guelph’s difference makers – people who make our city a better place through volunteer service. 2015 marks the 19th year of the Mayor’s Awards. I’m very excited about this!

Nomination process

Nominations can be made online or by calling 519-837-5643 to request a paper form. Online Form is HERE.

Eligible nominees include anyone whose volunteer service has made a difference in Guelph. It is not mandatory for nominees to live or work in Guelph, but they must make volunteer contributions in Guelph. Contributions may include a mix of volunteer and paid efforts.

The Mayor’s Awards are presented at the Guelph Awards of Excellence gala in June, Guelph’s premier appreciation event hosted by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce where the city’s exceptional individuals and businesses are celebrated.

Deadline is Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 4:30 p.m.


mr plow

I’ve received many emails and social media communications as of late regarding the city response to our latest snow storm. Most have been very positive and a big thanks goes out to our management and staff for taking care of our streets, sidewalks, crossing lights and bus shelters.

But of course, there’s always going to be a few people who are wondering why certain sections aren’t yet cleared. Fair enough.

So here’s a little update on the city snow removal standards. There’s also links for you to consider using in the future if you absolutely need to reach out to our public works department for help.

Public Works staff and the service of the winter control team are working within council approved service levels for both Roads and Sidewalks.

  • Residential roadways are plowed at 10 cm of snow accumulation per event, not total accumulation.
  • Sidewalks are plowed at 8 cm of accumulation per event.

Information regarding roadway and side-walk winter control standards can be found here

We continue to plow and treat all City sidewalks in accordance with our service standards.  Sidewalk clearance for the entire City is to be completed within 5 calendar days following a snow fall in excess of 8 cm.  Please be advised that there is no bylaw requiring residents to remove snow from their sidewalks.

For future reference, if you would prefer to contact the department directly, the Public Works Department provides various options for residents.

Administrative staff can be reached at 519-837-5628 or via email at publicworks@guelph.ca  A new feature on the City’s website is the ‘How can we help you’ function where residents can initiate a service request by visiting http://guelph.ca/how-can-we-help-you/

Trusting this information is found helpful to you and have a great day!


Back On The Ice!

cat excited on ice

Hallelujah! I’m thrilled to report the City has agreed to allow people to keep skating on the outdoor rink behind Summerfield Drive until the first major thaw!

Like anything in life, sometimes compromises need to be made. And in this case it’s no different.

I have talked to some of the neighbours and so far they are more than willing to agree to the few conditions laid out.


Next week, City staff will be reaching out to the neighbourhood to try to figure out future steps.

I think it’s a reasonable solution. It lets kids (and adults!) continue to have fun on this great rink, while balancing the very real safety, liability and other competing neighbourhood concerns at play in this issue.

Again, I’d like to thank staff for stepping up on this issue pronto for the community.

Thanks to all of you for your very vocal, very passionate, very heartfelt comments on the need to support outdoor rinks and healthy outdoor activity for our kids!

I have not skated in 25 years but I intend on trying this rink out soon!


Penalty box

Hi everyone! (Especially those in the Summerfield Drive and Grey Oak Drive Pine Ridge subdivision.)

As the picture states above, I, along with city staff, are feeling like we’re in the penalty box today.

Link to 570 News article: HERE

I’ve heard from some of you about the news that the City has asked neighbours to stop using an unauthorized outdoor rink constructed on City property in the south end.

I 100% get it. It’s an awesome outdoor rink. The kids love it. My own kids would love it. They’re out in the sunshine instead of in front of the X box.

City staff get it too. I just came from a meeting about it because this issue is very important to me. Staff has assured me that they are reaching out to the neighbours to explore possible solutions that work for everyone.

So why did it need to be shut down in the first place?

You can’t just build something like this on City property without asking, and expect the City to look the other way once it’s received a formal complaint. You can’t build a shed in a city park or construct a trampoline on the steps of the Sleeman Centre. Even if you had good intentions. Even if it’s awesome and people (including me) love it.

The City has to balance a lot of factors – public safety, liability and legal issues, environmental concerns, neighbourhood concerns. This natural area might not be the best place for a rink. Then again, it might be – but we need to do some work to find out.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing.