Actually, it’s $106 million.

Wow! Are you sitting down yet?

Thank you to the Federal and Provincial government! To our local representatives Lloyd Longfield and Liz Sandals! This partnership between all levels of government is what cities have been looking for!

This could also not come at a better time for us. This term, City Council unanimously approved a complete service review of Guelph transit. This review has already started and is occurring over the rest of 2018. An update on this review is coming to Council in April. We’re also just about to have a transit town hall next week (March 20th at city hall, 6:30pm)!

The press release from the Federal government is HERE!

Provincial government release is HERE!

MP Lloyd Longfield release is HERE!

The City of Guelph press release is HERE!

Next steps:

Our staff work plan already anticipates a report coming to City Council in May that identifies the phase two infrastructure funding. Or another way to put it, our “wish list!” This list would already include requests for transit but also touch on the other funding available for “social” and “green” infrastructure.

With today’s funding announcement, I will be requesting that City Council seek city staff to formally prepare a detailed plan that speaks to this funding allocation over the next 10 years. The funding is based on cost-sharing.

Of the $106 million commitment, up to $58 million will be provided as the federal share (40%) and up to $48 million as the provincial share (33%).  The municipal/partner investment required to maximize the federal/provincial commitment is $39 million, which represents a 27% cost-share.”

We must commit to this funding.

We need a plan.

We must stick to it.

Let’s celebrate together as a community this wonderful opportunity!

Take care,


P.S Today is “Thank your bus driver” day! So if you’re reading this on the bus, don’t forgot to say “thanks!”

I”m pleased to update you on the “Let’s Talk Transit” town hall happening on March 20th!

Ward 3 Councillors June Hofland and Phil Allt have also been hearing from their residents on transit issues and so they’ll be joining me to hear from you!

Please feel free to share this updated blog post with the included poster above!

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I want to make Transit the best it can be for our community! We’re doing well, but we should always strive to do more! Please join me along with local transit advocate Steven Petric at city hall on March 20th between 6:30-8:30pm for an informal dialogue on what YOU think could make this service better!

City Council unanimously approved a full service review of Guelph transit and it is currently underway. City Council will be updated by staff in April on the progress to date, the expectations around what we should expect from the review and the public engagement process throughout the rest of this year.

I will also share with you what I believe needs to occur throughout the service review process.

My transit townhall on March 20th is separate from the service review process, yet your input will help inform me as to what’s really important to you, our riders!

Questions to consider:

What do you like about Transit now?

What worked in the past but isn’t working now?

Is increased frequency needed?

Is more coverage of the entire city needed?

What customer service enhancements would you like to see?

Is there a route that needs to be addressed?

These are just some of the issues we’ll explore together!

I look forward to seeing you there! Please pass this invitation onto others! It’d be nice to see current riders, past riders, those that want to take transit but haven’t, drivers and more!

Your input is critical during this time!

Thank you,


I’ve received a few calls and e-mails from residents asking what plans are in place to manage disrespectful partying on St. Patrick’s Day. Click here for an article that spells out very clearly where I stand. (The full URL is A six minute audio interview with me is included so take a listen!

The article also gives a link to a video of our Police Chief launching the #FirmButFair campaign.

The City has been working for many months on a plan as part of a Joint Operations Team that includes the Guelph Police Service, University of Guelph, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Unit, and Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The plan to enforce safe and responsible celebrating has been developed with lessons learned from past years, other cities, and events like Homecoming 2017. It includes an increased Bylaw and Police presence, as well as proactive, advance visits to properties that have been problems in the past.

There have been lots of discussions with neighbourhood residents over the past several months. I want to thank everyone who has voiced their concerns and proposed solutions. We are all working together with one goal: safe, respectful celebrations.

Take care,


It’s important to look into ways of using a gender-based plus (GBA+) analysis lens on what occurs at city hall. I’ve recently been challenged by council colleagues at how there can be real barriers for women both entering and being within politics.

I’ve been taking time to reflect upon our current policies and procedures, but also focusing on what we can do to encourage more diversity within city council – no matter sex, age, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Some ideas are more gender-equity focused:

  • Daycare costs provided during day-time council meetings
  • Formal maternity, paternity, or adoption policy in place for councillors
  • Naming rights for city assets and street names (gender diversity)
  • During citizen satisfaction polling, ensure gender representation is included and not just demographics based on age.
  • Further training for both council and staff on Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+).

I will work with my colleagues on city council and city staff to determine next steps regarding these and possibly other options above.

What do you think Guelph?


Please read below my statement celebrating International Woman’s Day!