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This blog is a mix of information, thoughts and perspectives from where I sit as the mayor of Guelph.

  • Rule #1: my opinions and perspectives are my own, and don’t necessarily reflect the official position of the City of Guelph or Guelph City Council. For official City news and positions, please visit
  • Rule #2: be respectful. I want my blog to be a place for honest debates and tough conversations, free from name-calling or attacks.
  • Rule #3: comments are moderated to filter out spam and any profane or disrespectful comments. If you don’t see your comment pop up right away, please be patient!

If you are commenting on something that is before Council, and you want your comments to be part of the official public record, please send them to the City Clerk’s Office at or 519-837-5603. Tweets and blog comments are unofficial channels that do not always make it into the hands of the people making decisions – members of your City Council. Click here for information about presenting or appearing as a delegation before Council or one of its Standing Committees or contact the Clerk’s Office.

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