Nominations are now open for the 2018 Mayor’s Awards, which recognize people who make the city a better place through volunteer service.

Nominations can be submitted online at, or by contacting the Mayor’s Office at 519-837-5643 or to request a nomination form. The deadline is 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 20, 2018.

While it is not mandatory for nominees to live or work in Guelph to be eligible for the Mayor’s Award, they must volunteer in Guelph. Nominees’ achievements may include a mix of volunteer and paid efforts. Self-nominations are not eligible.

The Mayor’s Awards have been presented every year since 1997, when they were established by Mayor Joe Young. Honourees have been recognized for volunteer contributions to many different aspects of community life, including arts and culture; health and mental health; community building; athletics; and the environment. Profiles of honourees from 2001 to 2016 can be found at

“Recognizing outstanding citizens through the Mayor’s Awards is one of my favourite parts of being Mayor. This is a chance for us to shine a light on community leaders and unsung heroes who are making our city better, each and every day,” said Mayor Guthrie.

The 2018 Mayor’s Awards will be presented on June 28 at the Guelph Awards of Excellence gala, hosted every year by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. The gala is Guelph’s premier appreciation event where the city’s exceptional individuals and businesses are celebrated. For more information about the Awards of Excellence, visit the Guelph Chamber of Commerce website at

For more information

Kate Sullivan
Communications Advisor
Mayor’s Office
519-822-1260 extension 2558

Thank you to everyone that came out to the “Let’s Talk Transit” Town hall last night.

I felt it went very well with up to 100 people in attendance and many people interacting online through social media. If you missed the town hall and would like to see it, the link to the video is here: VIDEO

I am committed to: 

  • Taking all the suggestions from last night (and earlier ones complied) and putting them into a chart to send to transit management for review.
  • I will sit down and ask “What on this chart is already being addressed and/or will be implemented in 2018? 
  • Any suggestions not being addressed in 2018, I will ask management to provide answers as to why they cannot be accommodated/implemented.

I am viewing issues that arose last night into two categories: 

  1. Enhanced Customer Service/Experience – Communications: An overall theme from you last night had to do with shelters, signage, lack of maps, technology and pro-active communications regarding dropped runs or stops not being used during construction season….and much more.
  2. Routes: I heard clearly that there’s routes that may not be working for some (and more data will be needed to examine these assumptions), and routes that should be expanded or that need to start earlier or end later.

As I write this post today, I strongly believe that “tweaking” more routes, (whether the need for them to be changed or expanded), should wait until the current transit service review is done. However, I will explore options for more enhanced customer service /experience and communication upgrades that can occur as soon as possible.

The elephant in the room is one of funding. Council already set the budget for 2018. With council support, I would be willing to explore using funds either from reserves or the upcoming 2017 year end surplus to fund potential enhancements as I described above.

Again, thank you to everyone that came out. As info is provided to me, I will post the answers here for you all to see!

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March 19, 2018, Guelph, Ont.—The City of Guelph’s Solid Waste division is laying off 18 employees from its Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). Affected employees will be accommodated with jobs elsewhere in the organization wherever possible.

“The City appreciates the hard work that all the folks at Solid Waste Resources do to make our operations run smoothly and better our residents’ quality of life,” says Scott Stewart, deputy chief administrative officer of Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services. “Through our business service review we’ve discovered that we’re processing almost double the amount of recyclables at our materials recovery facility as other comparable facilities. In order to be efficient and improve our process for recapturing items that we can sell back to the market, we need to make changes. Our goal, however, is to make them with as little impact on our people as possible, and we’re very disheartened to have to make these layoffs.”

Management consulted with the executive of CUPE 241 about the changes before informing staff earlier today. Both City management and the union representing Solid Waste employees are committed to minimizing the impact of the layoffs on affected employees.

The staffing changes being announced today are, in part, the result of a number of expected changes to waste operations over the next couple of years including changes to the Province’s Blue Box Program which may change how recycling is collected and processed, and a move to focusing on Guelph-only recyclables processing with Guelph multi-residential waste collection starting sometime in 2019.

In recent years, the Solid Waste operation has been operating at a financial loss. The Solid Waste Resources business service review currently underway has brought many positives to light, along with some challenges. The staffing changes being announced today will help address some of those challenges by improving operational efficiencies and allowing the City to maintain fiscal accountability and financial viability.


Solid Waste Resources business service review
Senior City administrators put Solid Waste unit at top of list of service reviews

Media Contact

Peter Busatto, General Manager
Environmental Services
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 3430

Actually, it’s $106 million.

Wow! Are you sitting down yet?

Thank you to the Federal and Provincial government! To our local representatives Lloyd Longfield and Liz Sandals! This partnership between all levels of government is what cities have been looking for!

This could also not come at a better time for us. This term, City Council unanimously approved a complete service review of Guelph transit. This review has already started and is occurring over the rest of 2018. An update on this review is coming to Council in April. We’re also just about to have a transit town hall next week (March 20th at city hall, 6:30pm)!

The press release from the Federal government is HERE!

Provincial government release is HERE!

MP Lloyd Longfield release is HERE!

The City of Guelph press release is HERE!

Next steps:

Our staff work plan already anticipates a report coming to City Council in May that identifies the phase two infrastructure funding. Or another way to put it, our “wish list!” This list would already include requests for transit but also touch on the other funding available for “social” and “green” infrastructure.

With today’s funding announcement, I will be requesting that City Council seek city staff to formally prepare a detailed plan that speaks to this funding allocation over the next 10 years. The funding is based on cost-sharing.

Of the $106 million commitment, up to $58 million will be provided as the federal share (40%) and up to $48 million as the provincial share (33%).  The municipal/partner investment required to maximize the federal/provincial commitment is $39 million, which represents a 27% cost-share.”

We must commit to this funding.

We need a plan.

We must stick to it.

Let’s celebrate together as a community this wonderful opportunity!

Take care,


P.S Today is “Thank your bus driver” day! So if you’re reading this on the bus, don’t forgot to say “thanks!”

I”m pleased to update you on the “Let’s Talk Transit” town hall happening on March 20th!

Ward 3 Councillors June Hofland and Phil Allt have also been hearing from their residents on transit issues and so they’ll be joining me to hear from you!

Please feel free to share this updated blog post with the included poster above!

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