The City released information today on a new vision for Guelph Transit. It includes what this plan will also cost over the ten year period for implementation. It meets many goals set out in our strategic plans. It is not included in the upcoming budget at this time but certainly will be discussed. Check it out by clicking here:

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It’s here. Click:

I haven’t had the time to digest it fully yet, as I was only informed of it being made public about 10 minutes ago, but here it is. Check it out, give me your feedback and let’s figure out together where this will land on December 2nd when the vote for budget approval is made by council. I will certainly give my opinions on this at a later date, but a few things to keep in mind with this proposed budget increase totalling 3.93%, or (based on the available data of the average home assessment), this is an increase of $12.46 per month.

1. There is a city controllable portion (operating & capital) which equals 2.10%

2. There is an uncontrollable portion made up of outside boards that council has no direct oversight on. It equals 1.53% and consists of:
➡️ Police
➡️ Library
➡️ Downtown BIA
➡️ The Elliott LTC
➡️ County Social Services
➡️ Public Health

3. There is a levy which goes towards helping our hospital with much needed renovations and expansions. This equals .29%

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I’m so glad this is finally coming to this area of our city! We want your feedback! Click here:

Get ready for a safer community! Take your time, don’t speed, don’t run the red! Lots of info here in this earlier release:

Red-light camera locations:

  • Wellington Street East at Wyndham Street South (Ward 1)
  • Eramosa Road at Stevenson Street North (Ward 2)
  • Speedvale Avenue West at Dawson Road (Ward 3)
  • Imperial Road at Willow Road (Ward 4)
  • Scottsdale Drive at Stone Road West (Ward 5)
  • Clair Road West at Gordon Street (Ward 6)

Hi everyone! The feedback we’re collecting will help us forward our findings (and your voice) to Metrolinx which is doing upgrades all along this rail line to prepare for all-day-two-way GO service coming to Guelph. Please fill out your comments on the “Have Your Say” link at the City of Guelph website which is located within the media release here:

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