Lowes Store In Guelph?


I have been asked a great deal lately about the possibility of Lowes looking at setting up in Guelph.

During my inaugural address to the city on Dec 1st I stated:

I have also met with potential private sector investors who are considering building in Guelph, where they can create jobs, give more choice to residents and generate tax revenue for our city.”

Lowes was one of those companies I met with.

Now that the planning documents and applications have been made public, I can obviously tell the community that yes indeed, Lowes is now wanting to come to Guelph and locate beside Costco in Ward 4, the west end of the city.

Here are some links for you to look at the planning documents:



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15 responses to “Lowes Store In Guelph?”

  1. STILL waiting for a decent GROCERY store east of Victoria…. anybody listening??? Anybody???? Didn’t think so…

    • No. Cam is not listening Steve. This is a robot replying to you. Cam is too busy with meetings about grocery stores in the east end to reply to right now. 👍🏻😉

      • Really??? Yay! (forgive me if I don’t hold my breath, though… it’s been a long 15 year wait so far!)

      • The east end was promised a grocery store when Kate quarry was mayor, so I’m not holding my breath for this the only thing that gets built out here is houses oh yeah and a library

  2. Lowe’s… yawn could care less about them coming to town. Great about the jobs etc but I will likely never shop there. Now if it was an Ikea I would have been excited and it would have pulled in shoppers from all around the area. In the end it is not what we want, but what these retailers want and zoning permits.

  3. The problem is there is always of concentration of certain types of stores, usually stuck to one region of the city, instead of a more even distribution. Why do we have to have Home Depot, Rona and Lowes all located on the far north side of the city. I live on the south side and all we have is one very small Home Hardware. Its a nice hardware store but sometimes you need a proper lumber yard.

  4. ENOUGH ALREADY…but I guess the deed is done. I live in the heart of Ward 4 and fives minutes will get me Home Depot, Rona, Home Hardware. I am officially surrounded. East-enders be thankful you have nice quiet streets to raise your families and not hear traffic. South-enders you might as well drive to Cambridge for home improvement…

  5. Yet another big box hardware store, I guess Home Depot, Rona, and Home Hardware are just not enough? It would be nice to see variety in our retail landscape.

  6. I agree with Bob. The Target location at Stone Rd seems like the better choice. There are virtually no home improvement stores on the south side of the city (aside from the small Campus Home Hardware) and the Target building will be empty by summer. The building is certainly big enough to house a Lowes and there is tons of parking there.

  7. How about the East end? All these thousands of families building homes in ward 1 need a place close by to get 2X4s, Duct Tape and paint.

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