Stop Everything! Help us Review #Guelph Transit Now! (Please)

bus #Guelph Transit Service & Route Review 2015! We’ve heard you. Loud and clear. So let’s do this Guelph!

Guelph Transit is committed to providing excellent customer service. As part of this commitment, Guelph Transit is reviewing its service to identify opportunities for improvements.

In January, we conducted two surveys where we asked you for feedback about our customer service and your travel patterns. What we heard from you is that there is an opportunity to provide better transit service to our community by making some changes to our routes and schedules. Using all of the information gathered we have designed several new routes and are proposing changes to others. So please come to one of the public information centres taking place and tell us what you think about these proposed changes. Or click here to comment online using the MindMixer tool. Help us to create a transit system that meets the needs of our community. The proposed changes are not yet approved and can still be modified.  With online engagement already started and Public Information Centres scheduled on March 24 and 26, the time is now! More info: HERE Thank you, Cam

6 responses to “Stop Everything! Help us Review #Guelph Transit Now! (Please)”

  1. art Avatar

    try teaching your drivers to use their rear view mirrors had 2 near misses this week cause driver pulled out in front of me

    1. Gabe Avatar

      It’s provincial law in Ontario to yield to a transit bus re-entering traffic from a bus stop.

      1. stephen s Avatar
        stephen s

        Gabe: No it isn’t. It’s from a *bus bay*! Some drivers (and I’ve witnessed this more than a few times, even been run off the lane on a bicycle into oncoming traffic) seem to think the signal is carte blanche to do what they want. *It isn’t*!

        […][Requirement to yield to bus from bus bay

        142.1 (1) Every driver of a vehicle in the lane of traffic adjacent to a bus bay shall yield the right of way to the driver of a bus who has indicated his or her intention, as prescribed, to re-enter that lane from the bus bay. 1994, c. 27, s. 138 (12).

        Bus not to signal until ready

        (2) The driver of a bus shall not indicate his or her intention to re-enter the lane of traffic adjacent to a bus bay until the driver is ready to re-enter traffic. 1994, c. 27, s. 138 (12).

        When bus must wait

        (3) No driver of a bus shall re-enter the lane of traffic adjacent to a bus bay and move into the path of a vehicle or street car if the vehicle or street car is so close that it is impractical for the driver to yield the right of way. 1994, c. 27, s. 138 (12).][…]

        There is nothing in the HTA to allow buses to not observe the law for all traffic when stopped in the curb lane.

        Note that every instance of bus priority above is *from a bus bay*!

        Steve Hildebrant’s post above illustrates how drastically unobservance of the law can and does go wrong.

  2. Krystal Avatar

    I would like to see something to sit on at every stop. Some people have physical limitations that are not noticeable and cant stand for long periods of time while waiting for a bus. I am one of these people. I have scoliosis and although I look young, my back doesn’t feel young. Please help us out. Thanks.

  3. Steve Hildebrandt Avatar
    Steve Hildebrandt

    One thing that is desperately needed is a way to get buses OFF the thoroughfare during stops! Traffic in Guelph is too high to have buses stopping in the traffic lanes! Burlington uses stops inset into the boulevards so that traffic flow is only impeded as the bus reenters the lane. With the current provincial legislation requiring drivers to yield to buses, this should not be a problem, as long as bus drivers CLEARLY signal their intent to pull out of the stop. The current practise in Guelph of drivers stopping in the right lane with hazards flashing then immediately switching to left turn indicator does not inform drivers trying to pass the bus of the driver’s intentions until the bus starts moving. This is a recipe for an accident! (I’ve seen MANY close calls when this happens!)

    1. Allan Avatar

      Can’t do this when they change the routes every two years, same with something to sit on, shelters and sidewalks for the final mile aparently.

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