New #Guelph Recycling Pilot


In an effort to continue Guelph’s long history of forward thinking waste and recycling management, the city is pleased to now be offering waste bins at strategic locations throughout the city to offer a separate bin for Nickleback albums.

The neon green bins (as seen above) will be available for Nickleback drop off between April 1st and Oct 1st, 2015. Locations are City Hall on Carden St., the West End Centre & the city waste resource centre.

“This pilot project will continue to help in our diversion rate from landfill” said Mayor Guthrie. “Too often we found that there was an enormous amount of Nickleback albums being sent to landfill. Yet when we found out the that the city of Owen Sound, home of the OHL team the Attack, loves to listen to Nickleback songs every hour of everyday, we knew Guelph residents would do the right thing by recycling them to send to Owen Sound.”

Manager of Waste services hailed the pilot project as “another win for our city”. “This initiative will create efficiencies within our department. Sometimes our staff would listen to Nickleback and then start arguing amongst themselves if they were listening to the same song on repeat. One employee saying its a different song from a different album but another employee would passionately debate that the song is from a different album all together. It was getting out of control.” 

It is expected with the removal of these albums it will increase productivity and bring employee wellness to new heights.

For further information please contact Mayor Guthrie.

15 responses to “New #Guelph Recycling Pilot”

  1. Shawn: You sound like a bundle of fun! Wouldn’t want to actually have any fun would we? Wow.

    • I’m a huge bundle of fun thanks,I just think on a professional level that all you people voted for this kind of mentality?…..very sad

  2. Or at least realize that he represents Guelph and that kind of humour (to that degree) not only makes him look bad but the city as well.

  3. I’m ok with the initiative for recycling but i think the mayor needs to stay away from comedy

  4. As much as I’m not a fan myself,I think Mayor Guthrie has crossed a professional line with his attempt at humour.
    What an ass!

  5. Good one! Glad to see some humour at the top! Sorry about the budget, though…

  6. This is absolutley the funniest joke I’ve seen in a very long time!!! So nice to have someone who is an elected official with a warped sense of humor!

  7. Finally! A city government doing something useful with our tax dollars. Let’s all do our part! 🙂

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