I Met Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne


What an honour it was for me to finally meet our Premier. A very gracious and wonderful lady, she welcomed me and 18 other mayors into her boardroom to discuss issues of great importance to our communities. (A great sense of humour too!)

On behalf of LUMCO, I was tasked with presenting to the Premier issues around job creation. IT went very well.

My hour and half meeting with her allowed me to see much much more than the 8 second sound bites or opinion pieces from the media. Like her policies or not, she came across to me as principled, willing to take risks and willing to follow through on tough decisions.

Our group, known as LUMCO, has provided an overview of our meeting HERE.

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  1. stephen s Avatar
    stephen s

    This bodes very well. A good rapport with the Premier is essential in furthering other crucial issues Guelph faces, not the least regarding affordable housing supply, and the remediation of brownfields to make intensification under the Places to Grow Act possible.

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