After Many Years #Guelph #Sikh Community is Finally Getting Their New Gurdwara! @GuelphSikhSoc

Well over 700 showed up yesterday on the new grounds, located on Clair Rd, to celebrate the new Sikh temple that will be built! 

As most of you know, I always intended on using my golden shovel for economic development only. But this sod turning yesterday deserved the golden shovel too! As important as economic development is to our community, turning the sod over for our institutional land, where the faith community can gather is as important! 

I was sent an email today that I’d like to share:

on behalf of Guelph Sikh Society, I thank the mayor for being a part of this auspicious ground breaking ceremony on September 20, 2015. This occasion has gone into the history books that Mayor Cam Guthrie has been the part of the ceremony. We are thankful to the city staff for being courteous and professional.”

It’s the last part that I want to highlight. Our staff have worked very hard on this project. From recommending zoning changes, permits and further site plans, staff have been very helpful to move this project along!   

The remarks made by Dr Ravi Rai, Spokes-person for the Guelph Sikh Society are here: 

I want to congratulate the Guelph Sikh Society for their commitment to their faith and to our city. We are a richer and more vibrant city because of you, and I am so very excited to see this beautiful temple built in our city!



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