Exciting Times as Victoria Rd Rec Centre is Getting a $12.5 Million Dollar Upgrade #Guelph!

Guelph, Ont., November 19, 2015 – On Tuesday, December 1, the Public Services Committee will be presented with a staff report about next year’s renovation of the Victoria Road Recreation Centre (VRRC).

The VRRC, which opened in 1975, is being renovated to improve accessibility, security, customer service, and to offer additional programming. Currently, the facility includes a 50-metre pool, smaller teaching pool, one indoor ice pad, fitness room, and multi-purpose rooms.
During the committee presentation, staff will provide an update on renovation plans for the aging recreation facility, including design details, construction timeline, and temporary relocation plans for patrons, stakeholders and employees.
“The Victoria Road Recreation Centre renovation project is more than a makeover. It is a necessary investment that will move the facility from an aging and outdated recreation centre to an updated, more inclusive and accessible community centre. Overall, this project will improve the experience for patrons and employees,” says Kristene Scott, general manager of Parks and Recreation.
The Council-approved budget for the Victoria Road Recreation Centre renovation project is $12.5 million. Construction is expected to begin next spring and the facility will close for approximately 12 to 15 months.
Project highlights
Pool level

· New entrance with multi-purpose rooms, offices, customer service counter, accessible washrooms, and improved pool viewing area

· New heating and filtration system, accessible teaching pool, upgrades to existing 50-metre pool, new change rooms and aquatic office

Arena level

· Renovation of the existing entrance and lobby, new elevator and change room upgrades
· New arena lighting and heating

· Energy efficiency improvements

Upper level

· Upgraded multi-purpose rooms, warm arena viewing area, and additional barrier free viewing space

· New facility storage, custodial space upgrades, and office space

 Parking lot

· Redesigned parking lot to include a drop off at the arena and pool entrances
· New driveway from the arena level of the parking lot to the lower parking lot

· Additional barrier free parking spaces near the main entrance

· Improved lighting and landscaping

Programs and employee relocation

During the renovation period, aquatic programming will be relocated to the West End Community Centre, Centennial Pool, and Lyon Pool. The City plans to open Lyon Pool earlier than it normally does to accommodate public swims and lessons, typically offered at the Victor Davis Pool. To maintain service levels, additional swim and leadership programs will also be added to other facilities.
Ice pad users and adult hockey leagues will have partial access to the facility for evening and weekend practices only starting in late October 2016. Day time, public access, games, and tournaments will take place at other arenas.
Floor rentals, including lacrosse, ball hockey, and roller hockey will be relocated to other facilities throughout the city.
Full-time employees will be relocated to various facilities across the city. Where there is increased programming, part-time employees may also be relocated to other facilities.

Great news for our community!

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9 responses to “Exciting Times as Victoria Rd Rec Centre is Getting a $12.5 Million Dollar Upgrade #Guelph!”

  1. lisa Avatar

    Would love to see a walking/running track on the second floor….for those parents standing and waiting for the game to start or practice to end.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Think this is great, however that the opportunity and use as many environmentally friendly energy sources as you can like solar, green roof. Etc…

  3. Shawn Avatar

    On the exterior the facility looks outdated, it needs an upgrade.

    Will the South end be fortunate enough to have a Rec Centre any time soon?

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      South end rec centre is planned for 2018-2019

  4. Mike Schuett Avatar

    I understand the need for an upgrade, but why not work on things that effect everyone in Guelph. Such as the idea of cutting back bus services and increasing the prices. The transit system here is a joke and has been for years now. Or if you’re going to build anything, how’s that new library downtown looking? The city of Guelph truly needs to learn how to spend the money it’s given a lot better.

  5. Christopher Avatar

    While these plans look really good I don’t see all the details for the pool, this facility has one of the largest roofs for a public building in the city of Guelph What considerations have been made to use that roof for solar pv or solar hot water heating of the pool . I would like to see the energy efficiency listed in more detail. These renderings or generic it would be nice to see something that’s actually showing details of the inside structure of being redone.

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      I’ll ask staff about those options for you Christopher. Great questions!

    2. Michelle Avatar

      Think this is fantastic idea for solar project

  6. kay morby Avatar
    kay morby

    Its about time bad parking for handicap and to get pay for swimming

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