Dear #Guelph, Meet Millie! I Think You’ll Like Her A Lot! 

As many of you know the Christmas tree lighting and Holiday Open House is now happening on Dec 23rd at 6:30pm. (Look below for poster).

Due to the extra time allotted before the 23rd now, it allowed for a new vision for that night! It includes caroling, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, music, re-lighting of the tree, gathering as a community and an opportunity to donate warm winter coats and clothing for Syrian Refugees that will be coming to our great city – by filling the space underneath the tree!

Now meet Millie!

She saw this event on social media and immediately reached out to me saying she had several coats and warm clothing for the refugees. She washed them all, dried them all and has the biggest heart for others! She wanted to do her part to welcome these families into our community.

We all need a little bit of Millie in us this season Guelph!

Let’s fill the base of that tree in Market Square downtown! We can do it!

If you have items to donate for under the tree let me know! is my email!

Take care,


3 responses to “Dear #Guelph, Meet Millie! I Think You’ll Like Her A Lot! ”

  1. Joanne Avatar

    So awesome, that’s my Mom, proud of you. I am sure many Guelphites will join in for such an inspirational night of giving and enjoying the festivities.

  2. Jacqui Avatar

    I have a few winter coats that I will definitely be bringing that night!!
    So glad it’s back on. This is what community needs!

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Thank you thank you!

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