@InnovateGuelph Has a Great Branding Opportunity for #Guelph Business!

Innovation Guelph reached out to me a few days ago to remind me of an upcoming opportunity that I thought I’d share here to you!


Elevated Brand Messaging: How to Make Every Word Count (Innovation Guelph)

Humans are hardwired to tell and listen to stories. The world’s leading companies create a shared culture, forge an emotional connection with their customers, partners and investors, secure trust, and ultimately persuade them to act through clear and captivating brand stories.

The Elevated Brand Messaging: How to Make Every Word Count workshop is a two day IG Master Class intended for C-level and marketing/PR leaders at small- and medium-sized entreprises and other established organizations like not-for-profit, government and colleges and universities.

In this two-day workshop, you’ll dig deep into your organization’s culture to find your company’s strategic purpose. You’ll learn how to develop and convey brand stories for every business scenario, across all facets of the business – from marketing and communications to product development and operations.

  • Day 1 – Why Storytelling Matters [Feb. 11, 2016] Learn why telling your company story is important, how leading brands develop an emotional connection with audiences, and analyze gaps in your company’s communications.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Between the workshops, companies will connect with Innovation Guelph mentors to further develop their narratives and prepare for Day 2 of the workshop series.
  • Day 2 – Tell Your Story [Mar. 3, 2016] Create a compelling company narrative; learn how, when, and where to deliver your company stories and track your success.

Registration is for two participants from your company or organization and lunch on both days.

When: February 11th & March 3rd 2016 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM (EST)

Where:  Innovation Guelph – 111 Farquhar Street. 3rd Floor. Guelph, ON N1H 3N4

Price: $799.00 plus HST (2 attendees per organization)

Use the discount code “Mayorsblog” to receive 25% off the cost for the course.

To register online visit our Eventbrite Page or contact Kevin Boon at Innovation Guelph at kevin.boon@innovationguelph.ca.


[RE]Fresh Juice Co, Guelph’s first and only cold pressed juicery – 33 Quebec Street in downtown Guelph.

“The IG Master Class: Elevated Brand Messaging gave us an incredible insight into how to position ourselves for a variety of demographics and markets.”  

Check out our Video to learn how local companies have used storytelling to forge deeper connections with customers, partners and investors.

We hope you will join us.


Kevin Boon

Client Services Manager / Mentor

Innovation Guelph


Phone: 519-265-4495 x103

Cell: 519-569-9281

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