A Great Tour of #Guelph City Hall with the 17th Guelph Cub Scouts!


Last night I welcomed the 17th Guelph Cub Scouts to city hall for a tour. I took them through the council chambers, talked with them about the different levels of government and finally allowed them to discuss an idea they made up for Guelph and vote on it! (Their idea was a mono-rail. In the end after much debate and good questions, they voted it down).

We then traveled up to the Mayor’s office and they asked lots of great questions too!


If you know of any community group that would be interested in taking a tour through city hall, please let my office know and I’d be happy to arrange it for you! Email: Mayor@guelph.ca

Thanks again for coming scouts and good luck in your upcoming race car race this Saturday at Stone Road Mall!




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