A Grand #Guelph Opening for Local Media @GuelphToday

It was a wonderful event downtown Guelph this afternoon to welcome Guelph Today – Village Media for their investment in Guelph!

There is a real thirst for local news in Guelph!

Guelph Today already has a large local following, and it’s growing every day which shows the importance of local media.

By providing information to the public, keeping governments accountable and writing only nice things about me (okay I’m kidding on that last part!) they will be filling a void left by the Mercury.

Social Media and the Internet has changed the game certainly, with more information available to the public than ever before – BUT:

Who is going to take the time to go to all the meetings?

Who is going to seek out both sides of the story?

Who is going to do the research and ask the tough questions?

What avenue can businesses and community groups get their services and products promoted through advertising out to the public?

We need professional journalists for this. Period.

The loss of the Guelph Mercury was a devastating blow to our city. However, there are many of the same faces from the Mercury at events in town and at Council meetings: Tony Saxon, Rob O’Flanagan and Scott Tracey to name just a few!

I Look forward to continuing to work with you in the months and years ahead.

Congratulations Guelph Today!


5 Comments on “A Grand #Guelph Opening for Local Media @GuelphToday

  1. It is so exclusionary for those without a computer. So sad but lucky we still have the Guelph Tribune


  2. There a lot of seniors that do not have a computer and loved reading the local newspaper. Do you have any thoughts about publishing one? If you do, I know I will subscribe to it and a lot of my friends will too.


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