A Special Recognition for a Special Girl from #Guelph! @TheWarAmps


Local “Champ” recognized by Mayor Guthrie – Trisha Hitchcock, 7, of Guelph, was presented with a certificate by Mayor Cam Guthrie on May 10th to recognize her involvement with The War Amps and for spreading important messages in the community. Trisha, born a partial left hand amputee, is a member of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program. With the help of older Champs, she has encouraged kids to “spot the danger” before they play by giving presentations to children at local schools and daycares, and by riding on The War Amps PLAYSAFE float in parades. She has also helped pass on the remembrance message to the younger generation by laying a wreath every year at the Guelph Remembrance Day Ceremony, on behalf of The War Amps Operation Legacy.

Trisha and her family were a joy to have come visit me! Our city is better because of people like her!

Thanks Trisha! Come by anytime!


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  1. Jentrisha Avatar

    It was an honour!

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