#Guelph Makes Top 10 Best Places in #Canada for Welcoming Newcomers! 

Well this is just another #GuelphProud moment for us!

MoneySense magazine has just identified Guelph as of the top 10 places in Canada for new Canadians.

Some of the criteria for the ranking were the ethnic make-up of a city as measured by the percentage of the population whose first language is other than English or French, the average cost to rent a 1-bedroom apartment, and the vacancy rates for each city.
I’m proud that Guelph is such a welcoming city for new Canadians. Organizations like Immigrant Services, initiatives like the Local Immigration Partnership, and events like the Multicultural Festival (which opens today!) are working together to help create a community where everyone can thrive. 

The outpouring to bring Syrian refugee families to start a new life in Guelph has been remarkable. Groups like the Refugee Sponsorship Forum, the Muslim Society of Guelph, and the Salvation Army have worked together to help coordinate efforts and volunteers. 

Grassroots groups have banded together sponsoring approximately 65 families.
Way to go Guelph!

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  1. I have known for years that Guelph is a very special place to live . I came here in April 1966 to go to University and except for 15 or 16 months , I’ve lived here , had a career here and retired here . There are an incredible # of reasons , as we all know , why Guelph is so unique . Congratulations to EVERYONE in Guelph !!!!!!!!! I am so proud to live here , so proud to be a Canadian and SO PROUD TO BE A GRYPHON !!!!!!!

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