The Great Canadian Crank-In Event Lands in #Guelph 

Well Guelph, it is amazing to learn about the unique events that land in our city! The 2016 Great Canadian Crank-It event is one such event!

I learned a great deal actually. These sock making machines were sent out in the First World War and the ladies of the homes they were sent to were asked by the government to make socks for the troops and then they could keep the machines for their own family use too. When the Second World War came around the government then asked all the people who were sent these sock making crank machines to send them back so they could be melted down for ammunition. So to come across them is hard to do. 

They were very patient and taught me how to “crank” some socks out! Well…I only turned the crank about 10 rotations but I got the idea!

Now what happened a few weeks ago, when they originally asked me to come out to their event, was that they were looking for a charity to donate the socks made over the three day weekend. So I asked them if they would consider Hope House and they agreed. They donated 40 or 50 socks (as seen attached to the Christmas tree above) and also asked their members to donate food – which they did. How very very kind! Bob Moore from Hope House was on hand to accept the donations. 

Many were from across Ontario but I met some that travelled from the states to come to this event.

Thanks Janice for putting this together in Guelph! Another tourism opportunity! Here’s the link to their Facebook page.


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