VIDEO: CAMIS Opens New & Improved Location in #Guelph Today!

Camis is a steadily growing IT services company employing over 150 full time and part time members of the community. They provide centralized reservation services for provincial (Ontario Parks) and national parks (Parks Canada) and expect to see continued growth and success in doing so. 

This is exactly the kind of creative, innovative, entrepreneurial business we want to have in Guelph. We want to be a city where businesses like Camis can flourish and grow.

Guelph is an important part of the Innovation Corridor that stretches from Toronto to Waterloo Region – Canada’s answer to Silicon Valley. As a major local IT firm, CAMIS is an important part of Guelph’s growing innovation sector and focusing on Civic-Tech!

They recently purchased real estate in Research Park and are celebrating their new facility and hoping to increase their visibility in the community to attract top talent. CEO Doug Hall had a moment to tell everyone how great Guelph is, which I’m proud to post a video of here:

Not only do they have an office in Guelph, they now have them in Ann Arbor MI, and Cumberland MD. 

The event today was attended by their staff, suppliers, customers and featured tours along with a ribbon cutting!

“The event offered an opportunity to learn more about one of Guelph’s most successful and largest IT employers” Director of Operations Cassandra Hudson said. “We are a progressive employer always looking for professionals in areas such as software engineering, information technology, customer service, and project management. Unlike many startups, Camis has had over twenty years of profitable and steady growth.”

For more information please call 519-766-0901 ext 2035 or email

A very proud moment to shine a light on a Guelph success story!

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