Updated Q&A & Info on Tree Removal At Lafarge Lands. #Guelph

The tree removal permit for 35-40 Silvercreek Parkway South, also known as the LaFarge lands, was issued on July 26, 2017.
The applicant is now required to post the permit on site for at least five (5) days, after which the applicant can start removing trees from the property following the requirements of the permit. The permit was posted by the applicant on July 27, 2017.

• The City is working with the property owner to ensure the natural heritage features including Howitt Creek are protected during tree removal.

• The large bur oak on the property is being protected and will not be removed.

• As part of the City’s standard process when permitting tree removal, compensation is required to plant new trees within Guelph to offset the loss. 

• For public safety, the City reminds the public to stay off this private property.

Questions and Answers

Why are trees being removed from the site?

The property owner will start removing the trees this summer to get the site into a development ready state. No site plan application has been received by the City.

Does the tree bylaw apply to the property? 

The City’s tree bylaw applies to the property because it’s larger than 0.2 hectares (half an acre). The tree bylaw enables the City to require compensation for trees being removed and to ensure the requirements included in the tree permit are being met. The tree removal permit issued for 35-40 Silvercreek Parkway South complies with Guelph’s tree bylaw.

What will be done to provide compensation for the trees being removed?

Cash in lieu will be provided to plant trees in other areas of Guelph and more than 3400 future tree and shrub plantings will be done on site when development is complete, including potential enhancement of natural areas along Howitt Creek. More than 2800 plantings were also provided previously by the applicant in anticipation of the tree removals on site.

Has a site plan application or other development application been made for the site?

A site plan application is required before development can occur on the property. No site plan application has been received by the City.   

Why is tree protection not being considered as part of the development process?

The property has been zoned for a mix of commercial, high density residential and employment lands. When the zoning applications were approved, impacts including tree removal, tree protection opportunities and the protection of Howitt Creek were considered through the planning process. The area from which the trees are being removed, respects the development limits and tree protection decisions that have been put in place, through the previous planning decisions that have been made. 

Why remove the trees now?

By allowing the tree removals to occur now it enables the owner to get the site into a more development ready state. This will also support the ability for the owner to complete additional technical studies to make a site plan or other development application in the future.

Can the tree removal be delayed until the property owner is ready to sell or develop the property?

Tree removal on the site cannot be delayed now that a tree permit has been issued.

What is being done to protect Howitt Creek on the site?

Through the tree permit the City is requiring mitigation measures to protect the creek corridor including the trees in this area. Fencing will ensure that tree removals only happen within the approved area and remain outside of the creek corridor. Mulch will also be placed on site to help stabilize cleared areas to prevent runoff towards the creek. The fencing will also help filter any potential runoff that may drain from the site to protect water quality in the creek. Staff will be monitoring the site closely to ensure that the fencing remains in place and in good repair.

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  1. Daniel Avatar

    I have a large willow tree.
    In a nautualize back yard at Waterloo ave .
    Q: I’am I as the land owner responsible for the removal of the tree on site?
    (The tree is split on a property line)

    1. Cam Guthrie Avatar
      Cam Guthrie

      Thank you for your question! Please email: operations@guelph.ca

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