#Guelph Transit Ridership Up 44%. That’s Right. 44%!

Guelph, Ont., October 6, 2017 – Guelph Transit’s boarding and ridership numbers for September show an overall increase of 44 per cent over 2016.
Last month, 759,053 trips were taken compared to 524,694 during the same time last year. There was also a 15 per cent increase in fare paying riders.
“The numbers clearly show that last month’s route realignment is off to an impressive start and that we’re meeting our goal to put buses where and when people need them the most,” says Mike Spicer, Guelph Transit general manager.
“This is great news for Guelph Transit and the entire city,” adds Mayor Cam Guthrie. “I’m thankful for the leadership at Guelph Transit, being able to achieve these results within the existing 2017 budget. I’m excited for what 2018 and beyond will bring for current and new riders. When more people take transit, it eases traffic congestion, reduces smog and creates a more connected city.”
On September 3, Guelph Transit realigned its routes to increase the frequency of buses in areas where there is a greater demand for the service.
Since the changes were made, ridership has increased in most areas of the city, including north end routes that weren’t significantly impacted by the route realignment. In fact, routes 10, 11 and 12 are up about 40 per cent, and Route 20 is up 53 per cent. Ridership on the main University express routes has doubled on three out of four routes while the new 99 Mainline—running north and south along the Gordon/Norfolk/Woolwich corridor—had 25 per cent of last month’s ridership.
Looking ahead, Spicer says further data analysis and feedback from the public and transit operators will help to determine where system adjustments might be needed.
“We’ll continue to look for ways to improve the service as we work toward building an efficient and effective transit system for Guelph.”
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