WOW! $950 Million in Funding Announced For Supercluster Winners! #Guelph @LinamarCorp

Minister Bains named five technology groups each getting part of up to $950 million for “superclusters” initiative, aimed at fostering growth and creating jobs. #Guelph is part of the Ontario Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster: Read about it HERE!

Earlier this year I sent the following letter in support of this bid:

I’d like to thank everyone involved! Especially the leadership of Linamar! From providing feedback, letters of support and commitment, advice, and insight into how this bid could be best positioned for success. This was truly a collaborative achievement.

News article from The Toronto Star is HERE.

Why is this so important?

  • Advanced manufacturing is critical to the success of the Canadian economy — this supercluster will help manufacturers across Canada become world leaders in the application of advanced technologies and will help technology firms build the next generation of tools for advanced manufacturing

• The Innovation Superclusters Initiative is an important co-investor in the success of Canada’s manufacturing industry

• The Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster Strategy will build on the overlapping density of manufacturing and technology in Southern Ontario

• There are three pillars to the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster strategy:

◦ co-invest in collaborative, industry-led projects in things like vision systems, AI, IoT, data security, robotics, advanced materials, and additive manufacturing

◦ support the creation of new tools, testbeds, and infrastructure to help create the next generation of manufacturing firms

◦ build out a robust ecosystem of supports and services that accelerate technology adoption in manufacturing i.e. technology readiness assessments, training and skills development, and go-to-market support

• The Supercluster aims to create a critical mass of innovation activity with gravity powerful enough to attract talent, technology, investment, and customers from around the world.

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  1. Ahmet Kul Avatar

    Oh wow. This is a great news. I believe this will help a lot to develop Canadian economy.

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