First Steps in Response to Issues Raised by #Guelph’s Black, Indigenous & People of Colour community

Over the last two weeks I promised our community that I would listen, be intentional and both focused and learn of the issues surrounding systemic racism and intolerance towards our Black, Indigenous and People of Colour community within Guelph. And I have done exactly that.

Conversations have only just begun and I am committed to continue having respectful dialogue on these issues that result in both understanding and meaningful positive change.

I have a dual role. Responding to these issues as your Mayor, and as a member of the Police Services Board. In everything I do, in either position, my desire is to bring about action.

My first step in taking action will occur tomorrow June 18th. I will be bringing forward a series of motions or clauses to the Police Services Board for consideration. You will see them attached.

This is only the beginning.

As Mayor, work is already underway to re-evaluate options through our Community Plan. As more information becomes available I will keep everyone up to date.

My hope is that you see many of your own questions, requests for change and your desire for real action embedded within these motions and clauses. If supported by the Board I believe they will form a foundation for furthering these conversations and taking action.

I’m honoured to be in this position as we make Guelph a role model for other cities on how to embrace our diversity, bring about acceptance for all and eliminate racism in all its forms.

Keep your ideas coming, because I most certainly can’t do this alone. This needs to continue to be a community led journey and we’re all invited. And yes, it may be bumpy along the way, but I’m in it for the long haul. So let’s get going.

Thanks for listening,

Mayor Cam Guthrie

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