Housing funding annoucmenet with Prime Minister Trudeau in #Guelph

I was honoured to join Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Ahmed Hussen in #Guelph today for the Housing Accelerator Fund announcement.

Today’s announcement highlights the urgency of the housing crisis. The housing crisis doesn’t have boundaries, it doesn’t see borders. It’s real for all Canadians. To address this crisis, we require partnerships with all three levels of government. Having the federal government at the table will allow us to address the housing shortage even faster with superior solutions, not just in Guelph but in municipalities across Canada.

Watch the media coverage of the full announcement.

Programs, like this fund, may feel like internal processes to fund plans and infrastructure, yet at the end of the day, these programs ultimately put a smile on people’s faces when they get their first home. They help a family move into a new subdivision, a refugee find safe shelter in Canada, or a student get an affordable purpose-built home.

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