#Guelph welcomes Conestoga College to our downtown

I’m thrilled that Conestoga College, one of Ontario’s fastest-growing colleges, is choosing to build a new campus and expand in Guelph.

Universities, colleges and trades are vital to bolstering economic development and community vibrancy. Students help bring our community to life and supply the talent we need for continued prosperity.

Adding a college campus to Guelph’s core will reinvigorate our downtown economy, create jobs, and bring students and faculty to enjoy our shops, restaurants, cafes, and arts and culture venues. All of this will bolster our post-pandemic economic recovery.

Innovation breeds innovation. Innovation is in Guelph’s DNA. Our entrepreneurs, innovators, public servants and academics create amazing ideas, services and products while tackling global challenges. We celebrate our unique “Guelphiness” while creating opportunities for everyone to thrive. Given this, it is wonderful to welcome Conestoga College to our great city. We hope we can continue to innovate together and attract talented people here.

A big thank you to City of Guelph Economic Development staff for working to make this happen. This is an incredible win for our city!

Read the media release to get the details about this exciting announcement.

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