What’s Going On With the Parkview Motel in #Guelph? #SupportiveHousing

Recently an opportunity has presented itself for the Drop In Centre to consider purchasing the existing Parkview Motel in Guelph and turn it from the existing short term emergency shelter use that it’s been operating as for years, into permanent supportive housing for the same clientele.

About a week ago I interviewed Dominica from the Guelph and Wellington Poverty Task Force about what supportive housing is, and can be, in our community. For that interview and background please click here: https://mayorguthrie.com/2020/08/25/supportive-housing-updates-info-in-guelph-time-for-yimby-not-nimby/

But for today, specifically on the Parkview Motel issue, please join me as I interview Gail Hoekstra, the Director of the Drop In Centre as she answers a lot of questions regarding the potential conversion of the Motel.

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One response to “What’s Going On With the Parkview Motel in #Guelph? #SupportiveHousing”

  1. Georgina Avatar

    It’s a great idea. That hotel has been used for three hour stays 💃. New immigration to Guelph, friends included, and general travellers who just didn’t know the above.
    So someone having A fixed abode is the highest and best use for the place. Unless demolition and yet another high rise. Have some charity people.
    We’re a community that cares. The old saying holds well here.
    There but for the Grace if God go I, No one chooses to be homeless.

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